Feb 2, 2010


18" x 36" oils

This painting was finished today. The best part is the blend on the horizon between the heavy air and faraway water. The painting feels like it's finished: when I look at it, I am transported to the beach where I can hear the surf, smell the salt, and feel the humidity. The beach is where it's at. To those of you who live by one: LUCKY.

This painting came together all on it's own - it is another example of how sometimes I'm just the one in front of the easel holding the brush. Today I feel lucky to be a painter.

a close-up


Rebekah said...

You and Matt need to come out an stay with us so you can take pictures and paint one of our beaches. You're welcome to visit! =)

Peeser said...

Beautiful...relaxing...I want one! :)

Sunny said...

All of your beach paintings are making me homesick. No smell of salt water but sound of the surf feel of the humidity and sight of the blue against brown and green is good enough for me. Simply beautiful! Thanks for the vacation from the ugly brown outside my windows.

Sarita said...

Wow! It's amazing! I hope I can own one of your paintings one day. I will have to save my pennies.

Nicki said...

This detail is a beautiful painting all on it's own.

Kathleen said...

Perfect :)