Feb 16, 2010

Gold: Part I

23" x 27" oils

I began this piece today. The title is Gold for the obvious reason of the sky color, but also after Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay. If any of you have seen the movie "The Outsiders," you'll know the reference. It's kind of a sad poem, but pretty nonetheless.

The sky has a nice heat to it, but the water is not yet alive. I'll work on that next session. I also want to fix the division of colors above the cloud line - blur them a bit. Today the paint needed to be left alone though.


Sunny said...

YEA! I agree that the water is a little dead. I can't wait to see how it looks when you're done. The sky is amazing! :)

Bonnie-Jean said...

I love the lighting... it draws your eye right into the center of the painting... looking forward to the progress. :)

ArringtonZoo said...

That's killer, I love it!
I finally started and art blog! shelbyarringtonart.blogspot.com
I opened and Etsy shop too. Nothing on there as of yet. Ever tried that? I heard it's good for smaller scale works and prints.