Jan 6, 2010

Still: Part I

18" x 36" oils...
Today I began this painting. I got the idea a couple of ways: it is totally monochromatic outside (cloudy whites and grays) and I am having one of those quiet, nothing-going-on days myself. I got out my sketchbook and started drawing and writing, waiting for something fantastic to come to me. This is the result. I had to give myself permission to paint something extraordinarily simple, and I very much enjoy the simpleness of this painting. To some people, it may be abstract, and to others, it may be representational.


Sunny said...

Thanks I totally needed to see the beach today. It's beautiful! :)I like the simplicity. I'd even like it if you said it was done now!

Allanna said...

Hee!! I love Inigo quotes!

And this is such a cool painting!
I find myself staring at it, willing a wave to splash over or something. ^_^

(If it makes you feel even better, Michael and I did the "I must know!" "Get used to disappointment." earlier this week. ^_^)