Jan 15, 2010

High Tide (formerly titled "Still")

18" x 36" oils
When I started this painting 9 days ago, it did not have waves and it had a different title. All of the posts under the title of Still used to be this painting. Once I added the waves, I really grew to love their motion and sound, but the title and the painting clashed. Rather that lose the waves for the sake of keeping the title of Still, I have changed the painting's title.

If I close my eyes after looking at this painting, I can hear the surf break and feel the sun on my back. There is something so relaxing about the ocean, and something so grounding about a long, flat horizon line. If I'm feeling stressed, I just have to look at this painting and my mind and body become calm.

Look for another painting in the future that bears more of a resemblance to Still - I would like to revisit that simplicity.

a close-up of the wave action


Rebekah said...

Oh Cristall! I LOVE IT! I fI didn't live by the ocean I'd HAVE to have this piece. I can't believe how real it looks. It'sb far better than a high res photograph. It really feels like I'm on the beach!

Kathleen said...

Love it! Especially the frothiness, and I can totally hear the ocean from hear, and feel the calmness that comes with it's motion. How can you not relax when standing on the shore?