Aug 29, 2009


10" x 10" oils
I got the idea for the title maily from Scentsy - they have a new scent out called "Oxford" and it reminds me of cedar and an old English library. This painting has that same kind of feel to it - the background is a nice leather color and I can see this painting under a spot light in a library with rich, dark paneling and someone sipping tea in a nearby chair.


Rebekah said...

Ooohhh, this one is my FAVEY FAVORITE of your tulips! It must be the color. I have a special affinity for warm deep reds and pinks.

Dean Grey said...


Of all the recent tulip pieces you posted I think this is my most favorite!

Wow the reds are so intense and lovely in this one!

The bloom almost appears to glow in spots. Fantastic job on that!!

This painting immediately caught my eye and made me want to comment on it.

This will surely be a favorite when on display at the gallery! I'd say 'good luck' on the sale but you really don't need it!


Cristall said...

Thank you Rebekah and Dean, I appreciate your comments.

Sunny said...

Ha! It almost looks like a tea cup too! :) Man I can't wait to see all of these in person! :)