Aug 6, 2009


28" x 27", oils

Yesterday, I finally began painting. It's always so good to get back to the painting. Mmm. Better than cookies.

This painting was all planned out, and I fully intended to paint a very washed-out turquoise over the top of this vibrant background turquoise, letting the vibrant color peek through in places, but last night I sat looking at it, unable to bring myself to cover the background color. This morning, same thing. My husband and nephew each saw this painting separately and when they each said, "Ooh, I love the background" I decided the painting was done, and I'll have to use that washed-out turquoise on another painting. Sometimes, that's how life in the studio works. Voila.


1 comment:

Erin Spencer said...

I love the colors of this painting...and the size and shape of the surface! It's really perfect!