Sep 15, 2008


22" x 30", oil
I've been excited to post this all day. This painting looked good from the beginning. I really had to just be sure I didn't mess it up. This clematis is growing on my front fence. One morning as I got the newspaper, I noticed the sun coming through the flowers making that deep grape juice color, so I ran and got my camera. I took a few pictures and this one is really the only one that turned out. The next day, a giant wind storm blew through and all of the blossoms were gone. Clematis flowers remind me of growing up because we had one crawling up some chain-link in our backyard.

I'm loving the flower series and have gotten a lot of great feedback. It's also been rewarding to work on a bigger scale. This piece will receive a Vintage Frame and will be fabulous.


Cori said...

Wow, it's gorgeous! You are so amazing, I think you get better and better, especially the depth of your more recent postings.

Liz said...

my goodness . . . you never cease to amaze me with your talent. this is fabulous!

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

I love it! What great colors. We want to see the finished product on the sunflower picture - did you get the effect you wanted?

Jenn Hansen said...

The colors are fantastic! I just have to say, I am loving your flower series.

Sunny said...

YES!!! You're florals are my favorite!! I agree with what everyone else said!! The color the depth the detail the LIFE! Just PERFECT!! I like your grapes too. :)We want to see your finished sunflower painting as well!

Allanna said...

Squee!! At first glance I'm all, "I see the photo, now where's her painting?"

Sneaky girl. ^_^

As you can tell, I luff it very much.