Sep 10, 2008

Sun Catchers

15" x 30", oil

Another day, and yet again, another flower. I'm on a roll! This is the piece I wanted to do two days ago, but I didn't have the right shape of panel. So, this morning my husband cut the panel, I gessoed it, drew the picture, and it's 9pm and the painting is (finally!) finished. I'm exhausted. I actually had to scoot my chair over to work on the edges because this piece is so long. I love how the background gray has just enough purple in it to contrast with the yellows. This painting will get a deep gold frame, very formal.

The hardest part about this painting was keeping the edges of the stems and leaves continuous, not broken by intersecting leaves (remember, this painting was all wet all at the same time) and the easiest part was doing the blossoms. I love making blossoms POP with sunshine.

A college professor once challenged my class to paint something yellow. He said there is hardly any yellow in something yellow (from a painting perspective), and now I know he was right. There were a lot of greens, oranges and whites in the blossoms.


Sunny said...

K First of all...have I mentioned how much I LOVE your florals. They are ALL so amazing! I'm so excited that you're doing this series!

What about Daffodil horizon9 because it's a long piece), or crisp sunrise or grey sky sunrise or sunrise salutation ( a little nod to our yoga friends )or sun catchers.

That's all I've got right now.

Cristall said...

I like sun sounds a bit native american...anything else? I also like daffodil horizon...

Allanna said...

I'm liking "Sun catchers" ... I'm a nut, though, so I keep thinking it should be "Jesus Wants Me for a ..."

This way the person you're talking to will have to jump out of their seat and shout, "Sun-BEAM!!!!!1!" ... But that just could be me.

Sunshine, though, is sticking out as a title in my head.

Liz said...

I just have to tell you that this one took my breathe away quite literally. The light in the background is really fantastic!