Sep 23, 2008

Afternoon Iris

17" x 17", oils

I love irises. This one was growing at my neighbor's house. She had a whole forest of these purple/golden irises and when it's hot, you can count on seeing her outside with her garden hose, watering her flowers. Thanks Jean for letting me trounce around your yard with my camera!


Liz said...

Iris' are one of my favorite flowers too . . . and I love all the light in this one. It is wonderful!

Sunny said...

Simply beautiful! Just amazing! I love your irises too. I'm so glad that you only have eight done because that means you still have a lot more to do. How many do you plan on doing for this series?

Allanna said...

All your effort was totally worth it.

I heart it. Like pink, puffy heart it!

Hannah LaRue said...


Stacy and Mike said...

LOVE IT!!! I'm sure you knew I never cease to amaze me!!