Sep 5, 2014

Four Gallery MAR Dog Commissions: Charlie, Spike, Max, and Tucker

These dogs are headed to the client in Florida. One is a chocolate poodle and three are Shiba Inus. Thank you Gallery MAR for coordinating this commission and bringing me the client!

I think these paintings and background colors showcase the dogs' individual personalities so well.

"Charlie" 6x6" original oil
 Charlie is the soulful, intelligent one.

"Spike" 6x6" original oil
Spike is the alpha and also the oldest one who keeps the pack in line if Max and Tucker rough house.

"Max" 6x6" original oil
Max is the classic middle-child of the bunch.

"Tucker" 6x6" original oil
Tucker is the baby, the snuggle bear, and the one who is always on the go go go.


TheGirlCan'tHelpIt! said...

I just saw these on the client's wall this afternoon and I have to say: The photos don't do them justice; the paintings are STUNNING!

Cristall Harper said...

Thank you!!