Sep 12, 2014

126 Miles

Today I took a trip to three galleries to deliver artwork. My drive took me through Parley's Canyon and Provo Canyon. I love Utah mountains in September. The sun is warm, the air is cool, and the sky is Harry-Potter-quidditch-clear-blue.

I started on 500 West in downtown Salt Lake. Art Access is having a show Sep 19 - Oct 10 called Art2Go. Details are here.  (Recognize the painting on the website?) For this show, I have two little dogs, one artichoke and two cupcakes. I normally don't paint food, but it fit this show and so we'll see if anybody is tempted enough to buy them for their kitchen walls.

I then went to the beautiful Illume Gallery of Fine Art in City Creek to drop off these two large paintings that will ultimately end up in Authentique Gallery down in St. George. "Focus" 36x21" and "Pieces of My Life" 30x45". Contact either gallery to purchase!

I ended my day on historic Main Street in Park City at Gallery MAR. I brought them six pieces, five of them being commissions the clients have been patiently awaiting. When I got there, the gallery had just sold one of my pieces off the wall and were boxing it up to ship to the client out-of-state. I was lucky enough to catch the package before it shipped so I got to write a note on the box thanking this client and wishing them luck with their new lab puppy. 

I am grateful today that I get to do what I love, that I got to come home to my lab and my loving husband, and that it's the weekend. Have a great one!

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