Jan 26, 2012


19" x 32" original oil
This is a new favorite. After working on this all week, it turned out how I pictured it in my head. In early February, this painting will be delivered to the downtown Deseret Book in Salt Lake City where it will be for sale in their original artwork section. I remember where I was in the Thanksgiving Point Gardens when I photographed these tulips. I am excited for warm, sunny weather in a few months.

This little peekaboo bud is my favorite part of Flourish. 

It is such fun as it takes shape. I feel like a seamstress putting a pattern together.

Speaking of messes, I finished Flourish as I ran out of room on my palettes. Throwing these away after a painting is as good as throwing class notes away after taking the final. 

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Kay said...

I love your notes and explanation of the process of painting the tulips. It can be snowing outside and you are thinking spring on the inside.
I hope to begin my tulip painting today. Even though it is winter in Virginia, the sun it out and the temps are up in the 60s. Beautiful.