Jan 23, 2012

Flourish: Part I

Today I began a painting. Outside it looks like this: gray and cold. My easel is therefore full of color! It snowed today. Two days ago I was in a t-shirt.  

I love it when Buttercup naps next to my easel. 

I washed the background in orange and used charcoal to draw on the painting. This painting is 19" x 32". 

I love the beginnings...

This is how I left it for tonight. It's still snowing and since I have no hot cocoa, I'll settle for some apple cinnamon tea. I love this variety of tulip because it is pale on the outside, but the inside is bright red-orange. The angle of the tulips I'm painting show off that bright inside so well. I have had this photograph for a long time and am finally getting up the courage to tackle it. It should be a good one. 

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Sunny said...

YEA!! You're painting again!! And it's going to be amazing, I can already tell. I wish I lived closer, I'd totally drop you off a bunch of hot chocolate. That is a very important ingredient to days like this. :)