Oct 24, 2011


30 x 45" oils

This painting, Harvest, will hang in my upcoming show on November 2nd. I like the title for this piece and the expanse the word gives to the field of flowers. This is my largest tulip painting to date. It was great fun and a great challenge to paint. Enjoy the photos below showing the progress over many, many hours and days.

This is one of a few palettes used, scraped clean, and reused during the process.

I will be replacing some now-worn-out brushes and buying more oil paint this week. It's amazing how fast I burn through those supplies. At the completion of a large body of work, it's also satisfying to take inventory, order what I'm short on, give the studio a good vacuuming, and set-up for my next series.

And this photo shows the scale of the finished painting (catching glare from my windows).

Oct 12, 2011


18 x 18"

This shabby chic painting would look great in a girl's room. I pressed lace into the background paint before it was completely dry and then glazed a darker paint into the pattern so it would show up. See the detail shots below of how it turned out. Click on them to make them larger.

Oct 11, 2011


sold at the Mali Rising Foundation dinner auction 

Last year's painting I did for the fundraiser was similar to this piece. I like this year that my subject is older and in the sunlight. I love that head wrap and her beaded necklace. This one is hard to give away.

Oct 5, 2011

Mixed Berry

30 x 30"

This painting has an overcast light which is not something I use often, but it was great to pull out the purples.

Thanks for the title suggestions everybody. I got some good ones that gave me ideas for future paintings. I went with "Mixed Berry." I even made raspberry/blackberry jam the same day I finished this painting, so it was even more fitting. Thanks Liz for the title suggestion.

I was very happy to throw that palette away.