Oct 12, 2011


18 x 18"

This shabby chic painting would look great in a girl's room. I pressed lace into the background paint before it was completely dry and then glazed a darker paint into the pattern so it would show up. See the detail shots below of how it turned out. Click on them to make them larger.

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Peeser said...

Um. I LOVE the texture of the lace- what a fantastic idea- I really love how it turned out! And the colors of that painting are just lovely! I'm not normally much for pinks (and I'll admit to loving the salmon tulip the best there), but I love the way the pinks in this one help bring out the salmon. Just a beautiful collection of color in the form of beautiful flowers! :)
(By any chance, will you post prices early, or will I just have to wait for the art show to get any prices?)