Oct 24, 2011


30 x 45" oils

This painting, Harvest, will hang in my upcoming show on November 2nd. I like the title for this piece and the expanse the word gives to the field of flowers. This is my largest tulip painting to date. It was great fun and a great challenge to paint. Enjoy the photos below showing the progress over many, many hours and days.

This is one of a few palettes used, scraped clean, and reused during the process.

I will be replacing some now-worn-out brushes and buying more oil paint this week. It's amazing how fast I burn through those supplies. At the completion of a large body of work, it's also satisfying to take inventory, order what I'm short on, give the studio a good vacuuming, and set-up for my next series.

And this photo shows the scale of the finished painting (catching glare from my windows).

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