Jun 9, 2010

Waiting For Birds

6" x 4" oil

Here is my dog, Buttercup, sitting around waiting for birds to land in the yard so she can chase them off. She single-handedly keeps my raspberry and blackberry patch safe from quail. When I pick berries, she likes to help me eat a few. She hasn't learned yet how to eat them off the bush, and I hope she never does!
Last night I was talking to an avid art collector about how some artists (including myself) paint from photographs. The picture above is a good illustration of how I use a photograph for the inspiration and drawing, without limiting myself to the photo's drab color. A lot of painters stress about making their painting just like a photo, but why bother? Your imagination is so much richer.



Kathleen said...

so good to see you again! I LOVE when dogs become one with the floor and their face, melt :) Great work.

Allanna said...

I am loving this series.
And not just because it features your adorable doggie. ^_^
(And you know that I'm SUCH a cat person! ^_^)

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Charming! I never thought of having a bird dog for a berry patch. Sounds as if you'd get lots fewer berries if you didn't!

ArringtonZoo said...

Love it! Love your colors! And it's, oh so sentimental.