Mar 9, 2010

Once: Part I

30" x 40" oils

This painting is massive, and there is so, so much paint on the surface. I kept having to get more and more paint out as I mixed and applied; it was unreal.

I played volleyball this morning, came home and did some organizing for a family reunion, but the whole time I had this nagging in me to start this painting. It is so large that it was intimidating to begin, but once I got out the paints, I was home and doing my favorite thing.

It is a scene from the Dominican Republic, which I visited a year ago. I got up early before the sun came up and took many pictures, ironically only a few of the water. There are some really good things happening with the reflective, steely blues. The sand needs some love though - I'll fix it next time.

No title ideas are coming to my mind. None. Something will come. I'm open for suggestions, but I like short, non-cheesy titles.
Enjoy the reel below, showing you the guts of what I did today.


Dana Chabino said...

Really love your your work!

Best wishes!

Dana Chabino

Allanna said...

SO loving the texture and the colors in this one!

Bonnie-Jean said...

Fabulous! Absolutely love this piece! This painting gives me the feeling of warmth and hope like I'm waiting for something wonderful to begin.
Possible name: Anticipation

Cori said...

I love it! It reminds me of a setting in the last book I read, "The Last Song".

Sarita said...

Wow! I love this one! I am such a fan of your work.