Mar 16, 2010

Once: Part II

I worked on Once some more today. I added sky at the horizon, darker waves and worked the wash and sand. The size of this painting is making it take longer (it's 30" x 40") but it is wonderful to stand next to. There is so much paint on the lively surface.
Let me explain the title choice for this piece: the word "once" brings two fitting things to mind for me. One, it brings up a feeling of fleetingness and beginning, and two, it sounds like a memory.

a view of the beast on my studio floor (while the drips in the foreground dry flat)


Allanna said...

This is gorgeous.
Michael thought it was a photograph at first. ^_^
... How much is this one going for?

Cristall Harper said...

30 x 40" paintings are $995. I know, I know, sell your first born and all...or first AND second born. ;-)