Nov 12, 2009

Dawn: Part VI

Today was magic. Ever have one of those days where things click? I love them. I played ball all morning and came home as a storm rolled in - a perfect chance to hunker down in the studio. I had some mellow Pearl Jam on, the playlist ended, and I was left painting in my tippy-top attic room in silence with just the sound of the wind scuttling the leaves across the street outside. Magic.

As you can see, Dawn is coming along. The intense red strip across the horizon has given way to the lighter colors, but the pieces of the dark red that show are important forms. I used to have a dark blue across the top but it felt too heavy, so this light turquoise has lifted the sky perfectly, and it is such a strong color. The water will start as a gray.
I added a close-up below of the words "I swim" so you can see how they show up in the water. (Remember, I added the phrase "Dawn is coming, so I swim, I swim, I swim" to the water area.) That's my metaphor for life: when things suck, swim for your life and eventually you'll make it. Dawn comes!

the view outside my bitty window

Who can't love this? She likes to watch me work.


Sunny said...

There is so much emotion and depth in every sense of the word in these pieces! Love it! I continue to be amazed by your diversity! But at the same time I think I'd still be able to identify your work in a sea of others. You do have a style but yet at the same time are so diverse. Brilliant!

Matthew said...

Hey sis, looking great! I love how you've returned to these seascape and abstract landscape pieces. The pieces are so amazing and I love the power of simplicity that comes from the panoramic view. I have a barn shot if you feel like painting another barn soon. It was from our Nauvoo trip. Did you guys get my e-mail about Mom?