Oct 9, 2009

Dawn: Part I

In life, as in painting, the dawn always brings relief. This will be a painting about how the dawn brings relief, a response to my painting Angst.

My paternal ancestors lived on the Adriatic Sea. Whenever I'm near an ocean, I come alive. It makes sense that the paintings I do intuitively without reference photos are of my favorite place: the sea.

If you haven't ever seen the paintings of J. M. W. Turner, check them out. (To those of you in England who read my blog, I'm jealous that you're near the Tate Gallery in London.) Turner understood the ocean. My high school art teacher first introduced me to his work and I've never forgotten how enlightened I felt after seeing his seascapes. I have a book about him, and one of my favorite passages is a quotation from a sailor who observed Turner on ship. He said that as they were sailing around an inlet, a storm approached, and Turner could do nothing but sit and sketch feverishly to capture the turmoil of the sea and clouds. And so it goes...


Blasé said...

I like "Dawn" already!

Erin Spencer said...

Cristall, it was so cool to see the migration of this painting from beginning to end. Thanks for sharing it. Sometimes I get worried about showing the different stages of a painting, because I'm afraid that my inexperience will shine through in the transitions and changes that take place, like I didn't have a vision for where I was going from the beginning. But, your talent probably doesn't leave you so nervous:) Long comment, sorry!