Feb 2, 2015


5 x 7" original oil
available through the artist

My heart sings when I get to paint little glowing seascapes like this. I start with a tiny panel and on this one I used acrylics to quickly saturate some areas to stain where the water would go, where the brightest areas would go, etc. Then I switch to oil paints, I get my palette knife, and I mix colors I see in the reference photo. I start laying them on until the painting all of a sudden gets a life of its own and begins to breathe. That's when I know the painting is done and it's time for me to stop. Magic!!

Congratulations to whomever collects this piece - may it add a little bit of glimmer to your life and remind you of beautiful things just beyond the horizon. 



sydney said...

LOVE love love this little gem

Feisty Harriet said...

I really love these dark/sun seascapes...makes me so happy.