Jan 1, 2015

Bird Hunt

24 x 24" original mixed media

Buttercup loves to hunt birds - pheasants and chuckers mostly. It's pretty much the greatest thing in the whole wide world to take your lab bird hunting. 

There is a great place to hunt about half an hour west of where we live. The grass is tall and dry and the foothills are nearby. There are some old washes filled with rabbit brush, but this painting shows one of my favorite open fields. You'd be surprised how many pheasants will hide in this stuff. Your view of the Wasatch Front is spectacular and unobstructed, but the best part though is getting to watch your lab flush out birds and run around like she's at Disneyland. 

This painting is one of my favorites I've ever done of my dog, and it'll be hard to let it go! I know someone will fall in love with it at the gallery and take it home, and if it brings them joy, then I am happy too. 

I used acrylics and oils in this piece. The acrylic base layers were added quickly and with a lot of texture. The final oil layers added value gradation and final grass blades. 



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