Jan 28, 2014


7x5" original oil

For my January eBay painting, I decided to offer a lily. I like to paint the unexpected for these little auctions. It's a great chance for me to have a change of scenery as well as test what else people respond to. I like to have a very concise look at art shows so I prefer keeping subject matter the same, but I also like to paint flowers I've never painted before, so my monthly eBay paintings are a great outlet for that stretching. 

I photographed these lilies in my sister-in-law's back yard one Easter. 

I love the pale blue reflected side of the lily's back, and the sunny green inside getting the orangy reflected light from the stamens. Drama! 

Note to winning bidders: this painting is on flat panel, ready to pop into a 5x7" frame

Mmmm. I love my palettes as much as the finished paintings. 

Jan 17, 2014

Little Miss

6 x 6" original oil

Spring is in the air here. The sun is warm and I have seen a few robins hopping around. There is still snow on the ground, but winter is on it's way out. 

This poppy was growing at the Thanksgiving Point Garden entrance last June. I love how swishy poppies are.

Jan 15, 2014

Down Dog

30 x 22" original oil

Dogs have the best stretches. My favorite part about this painting is that I caught her mid-wag. OK, I have another favorite part: I love how much bigger her front paws are than her back paws, and that her claws are coming out because she's stretching all the way to her "fingertips." She looks so sleepy. I'm sleepy. It's been a long day. 

I'd love to see this in the yoga studio of a dog-lover. It's a perfect combination. My dog sees the best in me and I see the best in her. Namaste. 

Jan 13, 2014


 24 x 24" original oil

This may be my favorite dog painting I've done. This is my yellow lab, Buttercup. When she is happy, her whole face smiles, and I captured this smile of hers with my cell phone camera no less. We were on the back patio and had been playing her favorite game of  "throw the ball up on the roof and catch it in one bounce or less." I was inspired to title this piece Clementine once I chose the orange background. The word clementine rolls off the tongue nicely, sounds sassy southern, is happy, and conjures thoughts of freshly squeezed OJ aka paradise in a glass. This painting is so full of joy. I love my dog. 

Here is the real dog, as adorable as possible, napping while I work. 

Today's palette and brushes. I see a lot more grays on the palette than I remember using. 

Here is a very happy view of Clementine and in the background you see Butterfly. These will really look sharp once I paint the sides black. I can't wait to deliver these to the gallery! 

Jan 11, 2014


30 x 22" original oil

This dog lives at the same house as the boxer puppy I painted previously in I Need a Cape. I love how sweet labs are. This chocolate lab looks like it's watching a butterfly, and since I have a lot of that space cadet tendency myself, I saw an opportunity for a great painting. 

I love the colors in the brushwork in a chocolate lab - so many visible reflections in their shiny coats. That little hit of purple in the reflective areas is my favorite. 


Jan 7, 2014


22 x 45" original oil

This is my first painting of 2014. It is a commission for a new client who found my work at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building Christmas Art Show. When I learned he would be bringing three daughters to my studio to pick up this painting, it gave me an idea for the title for this feminine piece. 

The client liked Carolyn, Petticoat, and Purity, three sold paintings I have previously painted, and asked if I'd do a painting that combined certain elements of each. I was able to find a bed of flowers with the right light, and I cut up a few different photographs and pieced them together to make this composition. I like the layering and sense of light. My favorite part is the two reflecting petals in the center flower, the one that doesn't have the yellow center. I love it when reflected light brightens a cast shadow. Whites are good for that. 

I love painting whites and getting to mix/use slight variations of creams, pinks, grays, greens, etc. It's amazing how many colors are in one little petal. 

my favorite part

Jan 3, 2014

22 x 45" Tulip Commission: Part II

Mixing grays is one of my favorite things to do as a painter. They absorb all colors. It doesn't take much to change a greenish gray to a reddish gray.