Jan 13, 2014


 24 x 24" original oil

This may be my favorite dog painting I've done. This is my yellow lab, Buttercup. When she is happy, her whole face smiles, and I captured this smile of hers with my cell phone camera no less. We were on the back patio and had been playing her favorite game of  "throw the ball up on the roof and catch it in one bounce or less." I was inspired to title this piece Clementine once I chose the orange background. The word clementine rolls off the tongue nicely, sounds sassy southern, is happy, and conjures thoughts of freshly squeezed OJ aka paradise in a glass. This painting is so full of joy. I love my dog. 

Here is the real dog, as adorable as possible, napping while I work. 

Today's palette and brushes. I see a lot more grays on the palette than I remember using. 

Here is a very happy view of Clementine and in the background you see Butterfly. These will really look sharp once I paint the sides black. I can't wait to deliver these to the gallery! 

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Sunny said...

I always picture your dog paintings small! Wow, it is impressive so big!! :)