Jul 26, 2014


30 x 33" original oil
private collection of the artist

I decided it was time I had a seascape for my own private collection. I have the perfect wall to hang this on in a room that has new grayish paint and an exposed brick wall. Every day I see it I will imagine I am at the beach, my favorite place on earth! 

So, somebody in my family recently used the name West for a middle name. I wasn't thinking of that when I chose West for the title of this painting, but I like the nod it gives to my newest little nephew. 

The bottom half of this piece that is darkest is full of texture. Some of it shows in the photograph, most of it is best seen in person as is typical with original art. I sanded, painted, sanded, knifed, and repeated. 


detail of the delicious texture I am so fond of in my seascapes

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