Jun 18, 2014

Gallery Deliveries

Today Buttercup and I spent the afternoon driving to Salt Lake, Park City and back delivering paintings. She enjoyed barking at dogs in the crosswalks and I enjoyed a pack of Peanut Butter M&Ms I caved in and bought at the Maverick in Heber. It was a beautiful June day and we enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine.

First we went to Alpine Art to deliver the pieces that will hang in Friday's opening night of Best in Show. She has decided she likes this dog-friendly space. 

Next, we went to Illume Gallery of Fine Art to deliver the three pieces I painted during the "Where In The World Is?" plein air event. The piece on the left and in the middle have already sold! The show is going on now and closes June 28. Don't miss it! Click here to see the artwork and to get information on the closing receptions June 27 and 28 at Illume. 

I think she looks spiffy in her frame. 

"Scritch Scratch"
10x10" original oil
just sold

This piece, Scritch Scratch, will sell on June 27 or 28 at the closing reception for this show. If you want to make sure you get it, you have to call Illume and claim it! It's a great little piece and I promise it will get gobbled up unless you get it first. 

Next, we drove to Park City to deliver five commissions for Gallery MAR. One is pictured below, Ben's Nose. The pieces are heading to a client in Texas. Buttercup thought it was just grand to pose in front of some of her pieces, and she is all smiles. 

"Ben's Nose"
24x24" original oil

Now it's an evening for dinner with the husband, lounging in sweats, and maybe a movie! 

Thank you so much to Alpine, Illume and Gallery MAR for working so hard to promote and sell my work. I love what I do and I am glad we can do it together!


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Feisty Harriet said...

I love how the frames turned out!! :)