Apr 25, 2014

Yellow Lab

11 x 10" original oil

Art Access Gallery in Salt Lake City holds a 300 Plates Show each year. You need to have a ticket to get in, and registration is online through May 11. Click here to go to the page with all of the information. The gallery can also help you if you want to call them. Registration is limited to the number of "certified occupancy" and I've heard the fire department checks. It's Art Access's biggest show of the year. 

The two holes you see in this painting are there so that Art Access can hang each of the 300 pieces of artwork uniformly from ceiling to floor all over their walls. There is a picture on their website if you click any of the above links. The buyer of this painting can frame it to cover the holes if they choose, or leave it as is. 

Good luck getting a ticket for this show, and good luck getting this painting! 

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