Aug 17, 2012

Like Bees to Honey

26 x 40" original oil

I finished this painting today after working on it for about a week. Yesterday I went out to mix colors to finish the greens and after an hour of mixing and not being satisfied with my matching, I quit and went inside. Try as I might, yesterday I could not see the color. It was weird. I think I was cursed. Actually, I know exactly what it was: I was stressed. Obviously stress impairs the ability to see situations clearly, but now I know it also impairs my ability to see colors clearly. I threw away the two palettes of mixed paint, turned off the lights and left the art alone. I had fresh eyes and new vigor today and that was all I needed. 

I love that there are only three open yellows at the bottom of the tulip "row", and I love that there are so many closed buds in contrast with the frilly, showy, yellow open tulips. I have loved this reference for a long time now and I was so happy to finally paint it. 

Becky, my friend and massage therapist, gave me the Bourne Supremacy soundtrack and I LOVE it! Large paintings take a lot of music to get me through, and I get tired of the same old music (it's easy to repeat when I paint for 8 hours a day); I am always looking for more. Hint hint to anybody wanting to be my music fairy. I'm not ashamed to beg. 

I have a few options for where this painting will eventually head, but for the next week it will be hanging in my studio and anybody is welcome to stop by and visit to see it in person. My originals have been selling really well lately, and they're first come, first serve, so if you see one you really want, then grab it. Use the link above to e-mail me.

Have a happy weekend.


Sunny said...

Do you prefer soundtracks (or music without words) to music with lyrics or vise versa or does it matter? Not that I would have any music you don't have. :( I remember when you did your first painting ( that I'd seen ) with a bud and thought it was fun. The hope of things to come. This painting is sure filled with a lot of hope. :)

Cristall Harper said...

Sunny, I love your comment, thank you. To answer your question, I paint to soundtracks AND music with words. I don't care.