Apr 5, 2012

Honeybee: Part I

35 x 52" original oil in progress

This is a large painting. To work on it, I have to focus on small sections at a time or I get overwhelmed. I say I work on small sections at a time, but that is only partly true. I also have to keep the entire painting in mind...it's hard to explain. Let me try. It's like cooking a huge dinner. You cook one or two dishes at a time but you have the whole meal in your mind from the beginning; you make sure the flavors are going to work and dishes with different cooking times finish at the same time. What can I say? Painting is like cooking. 

I look at this photo and see how far I have to go, but I will try instead to look at how much I've already done. 

My brain is tired (but happy). 

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Kay said...

I love the cooking analogy.....really makes sense. And interesting to see how you work from top to bottom and completing each part as you go. Do you draw directly on the canvas from your photo or do you draw your design first on paper and then transfer it to canvas? I work a little differently by painting the entire canvas very quickly at first and then going over with more layers of paint, correcting and changing as I go.