Feb 9, 2012


8x16" original oil
sold at the "Share the Love" fundraiser for the Fish family, details at www.fisheswishes.com

My friend Nicole told me about the Fish girls (ages 2 and 8) and about a fundraiser that would provide much needed help for their upcoming medical procedures. She asked if I would donate a painting. Her e-mail came last month on the same day as my wrist surgery.  Right away I knew I wanted to help. I was blessed to sell a lot of artwork in a short amount of time to pay for my surgery, so when I read her request for help for these girls on the heels of me receiving help, I was excited to be able to pay it forward.
I love the pinks in this piece, and hope it sells for a lot of money to help little Natalie and Alice. Best Wishes for the Fishes!

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Sunny said...

Beautiful! For so many reasons! I hope it pulls in a lot of money for them too. Sweet little girls. It would serve you all so right! :)