May 31, 2011

Dogs Dogs Dogs

I have a show opening in Salt Lake City at Alpine Art on June 17th, 2011. The show is called Best in Show and it'll feature paintings from many local artists, all showcasing our pets. A portion of the proceeds will benefit No More Homeless Pets, a local organization. The show runs through July. These little doggie pieces are my  latest and will be included in the show. To purchase, please contact the gallery, and know that you are supporting a great cause!

Bird Dog, sold

Friend, sold

(detail of Friend)

Play?, sold

Nap, sold

May 20, 2011

Pictures from Last Night's Show

The crowd is just getting started. There were so many people!

This blue piece, "Cobalt", is the painting the bank used for their promotional material and they ended up purchasing it for their corporate collection. I was so pleased.

Last night's art show was everything I hoped it would be: I met talented and successful artists, got seasoned business advice from those who have been doing this for years, I was able to get my art in front of collectors, and 6 out of 8 pieces sold. I also got commissions for 4 more pieces. My heart is full of so much gratitude towards Zions Bank's Art Committee for putting together such an advantageous evening for the artists and for choosing my painting, "Cobalt", to be featured on the promotional material (which the bank purchased for their corporate collection of art). The two artists next to me, Stephanie Deer and Eric Dowdle and his wife were there throughout the evening offering support and friendly conversation. I wish them much success!

To all of my collectors and supporters, a big thank you for making my first big show a real success!

May 14, 2011


18x18" oils

The shapes of the fluttering petals reminded me of butterflies, and mariposa is 'butterfly' in Spanish. I like the sound of the title better in another language. The background is split into two colors to indicate sky and ground. I like the two-tone contemporary effect.

Some of you have asked if I hold a palette in my left hand. No, but I do keep it gloved and I hold my rag with that hand. I squeeze my brush out when I change paint colors. As you can see, it's a messy job, but the paint stays on the rag and glove, making for easy clean-up. The glove also keeps the chemicals off my skin.

My palette of swirly swirls-

The tools of choice for today-

The day is spent...

May 13, 2011

Baby Girl

12x20" oil

My best friend from college just had a baby and I am so happy for her. Her little baby girl is the inspiration behind this newest tulip painting: the pastel colors and happy brightness are all things baby girl. I am really  happy with the lighting and composition of this piece; the leaves and stems add so much depth. If I had my own baby girl, I'd keep this painting and put it in her room!

a close-up

May 11, 2011

Candy Land

27x28" oils
prints available - email me at
Done! This is my favorite painting to date. It's a fresh perspective and I was pushed to work past my limits. I have been wanting to paint a color field version of tulips for some time, but not until this year did I find the right bed of tulips that would make a great painting.  These tulips are great because they offer multiple colors to break up the composition, and that deep red against the pale yellow is so satisfying.

One of two very spent palettes.

May 10, 2011

Candy Land: Part I

I painted for 10 hours today. My back is sore to say the least. And I love my dog because she slept on her bed in the studio all day to keep me company. I'm going to curl up with a mug of hot cinnamon apple tea and be satisfied with the progress I made today. I have a lot more to go to be ready for my show May 19th.

Please come, I would love to see you all there.

Click here for the invitation.

It will feature my best work yet.

Here are some shots from today:

May 9, 2011


21x36" oil
I used a whole tube of black paint. I kept painting it darker and darker. The bottom area is more patchwork than realistic. The stems used to be more pronounced but the composition was too busy. I am learning the difference between hinting and delineating. I love the high-key contrast, greens, bright yellows, purply grays, and the backlighting. This painting will be available at my art show May 19th. I have so much more to paint to be ready. So much more.

May 5, 2011

Part I: Cadets

21x36" oils - in progress
$395, available at the 2011 Utah Valley Art Show- click here for details

This madness will eventually be a finished painting. There is a lot going on and my challenge is to sit and work through the difficulty with my mind solving three areas at once but my hands only able to paint one. The background will be a deliciously dark olive green. 

Fifteen days until my big show. I'm in a slight panic. I got the invitations today. Here's a view:
And yes...that is MY painting on the invitation. Awesome. It's "Cobalt" 28x27", $355.