Aug 10, 2011

Cherry Cheesecake

23 x 27"

I've just been slammed with work! The title makes me smile - something creamy topped with little red dots equals cherry cheesecake and the color composition of the tulips in this painting.

Enjoy the sequence photos below.


Sunny said...

YEA! For you being so busy lately! Serves you so right! Sorry for the late nights though. This piece is amazing and the title makes me hungry! Creamy, Creamy goodness. Never fails to amaze me how your tulips pop!

Rachel and Nathan Fisher said...

OK Cristall - this just might be the one for me. I've wanted one of your tulip pictures for a while and I LOVE this one. So, if you haven't already sold it email me the price.
Also - we are coming out for a few days in October for Nate's sister's wedding and Samuel wants to visit your studio and interview you about being an artist for one of his scouting requirements. Are you up for it?
Love you! Rachel