Mar 24, 2011


21 x 36" oil

This painting was on display at the Springville Museum of Art from 22 Apr - 3 Jul 2011 where it was purchased by a museum patron.
I "finished" this painting twice before today but when I went to photograph and post it to the blog it wasn't right. First it had the wrong background color, second it needed lots of work on the stems. It can be difficult to finish a painting when the last stages are such small changes. It's much more fun to do the beginning of the painting when big changes happen.


Sunny said...

WOW! That background color is PERFECT. Love how it brings out the red in the petals. One of my favorites too!! WELL DONE! Exquisite!

Suzette said...

I LOVE this one. Love. Love. And more love. I think it might look pretty killer in our dining room up on that tall brick wall. Do you think the style is too contemporary to go with the chicken painting and all of our pewter, rustic pine, etc?