Feb 24, 2011

Mt. Timpanogos Temple commission: Part II

More work today on the temple painting. I want to work dark to light on the temple architecture so I'm blocking in the whole sillhoette in black/brown. I'm amazed at how long it's taking. It took me almost two days to trace the outline and fill it in. I'd mark a line, stop, measure it for plumb, repeated a thousand times...

The hardest part of this painting so far is the amount of time it's taking and the slow progress. My mind works so much faster than my hands. There is nothing free-flowing and botanical about architecture and if I'm off a 1/16" the whole thing is wrong. It's a challenge to keep the high level of concentration for so long that this is requiring. HOWEVER...when it's done, it'll be awesome. I'm taking the hours now to get the bones of the structure right and then at the end when the paint goes on, it'll be quick, correct, and fantastic looking.

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Sunny said...

AWE SOME! Sooo excited to see this done! Maybe it's because I have one of your rare building paintings. It looks so good even now. The sky looks amazing. Just so excited.