Sep 9, 2010

Today's Happenings

I got the mail today and there was a surprise check from my Salt Lake City gallery - Waiting For Birds, the above painting of my yellow lab, has sold. It was a favorite and I'm sad to see it go, but happy it is in a fellow dog-lover's home.

Above, you can see two pictures showing the portrait I'm starting of the (beautiful!) Mali girl. This portrait will be for sale at the dinner-fundraiser-auction next month for Mali Rising, the foundation that builds schools in Mali, West Africa. Thanks to James Arrington, my friend and fellow artist, who took the picture in Mali and is letting me use it for a painting. She is just stunning. I can't get over her eyes. It will be hard to capture her grace - what was I thinking taking on such a hard painting?

Aaaaand...I'm shopping for another easel. I'm hopefully going to end up with three easels that I can work on all at the same time: one set up for tiny pieces, medium, and the big boy for huge paintings.

And after a lovely morning, I check on my chickens and they have this for me. I love my chickens.

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Cori said...

We finally got our first egg yesterday! It wasn't edible, but hey, our chickens aren't defected afterall:)