Jul 26, 2010

Once: Part IV - and a new studio!

30" x 40" oils, in progress

I moved into my new studio today! I've included some pictures below.

It's been weeks since I've worked on Once but I needed a bigger space to be able to work on it productively, which is why today is a special day. It was so incredibly nice to have a large space to work in, one in which I didn't have to worry about hitting my head on the low sloping attic ceilings. Today has been a long time in coming. I'm looking forward to having a real studio space in which to produce paintings.

A blurb about today's painting: Once has gone through numerous transformations in color and composition. Today was all about simplifying the color zones and softening edges that were previously very hard. Who knows what the next session will bring? I'm liking the color-field feeling in this one though, especially in the large 30x40" size.

a yummy texture close-up

walking through the entrance of my new studio

a "must-have" for me

the initial work area

my friend


Sunny said...

Oooo clouds! Magnificent! New studio gives you lots of space to stretch! Go BIG!!

Melanie Rawlings said...

realy kool. I have a outdoor studio. Lots of room for you.

Suzette said...

I love your new studio!! Harper did you proud! The floor - what is it? Stained concrete? I can just imagine that you are going to really brush up the masterpieces now! Go, girl, go!