May 5, 2009


16" x 14" oils
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Happy Cinco de Mayo. The title for this painting is Spanish for "fresh." I was listening to Spanish guitar music while doing this painting, and the colors in the painting remind me of berries, limes, and the freshness of summer drinks.
I'll think I'll go have some lemonade.


Sunny said...

Suave!! Me gusta mucho! Tambien me requerda de agua de limon! Con fresa o algo! SIGE! Pero tambien continues experimentando.

K that was the worst spanish EVER! And it sounded so GRINGA in my head! Uhg! :)

Erin Spencer said...

It IS fresh:) And beatiful!

Allanna said...

Okay, I THOUGHT that "Home" was the bestest thing ever.

Nope, I like "Fresca" better. That green background ... Awesome.

And I think that this calls for strawberry or raspberry lemonade.
Just sayin'.