Apr 1, 2009


10" x 10", oils

It was a no-brainer to continue yesterday's theme today. I just love these colors together. It snowed all day today outside my studio. I had my space heater cranked to high, my fleece socks and slippers on, and there I was painting Spring. I'm willing it to arrive.

I'm really picky about what I paint. What works best for me in this piece is the contrast between the lit and unlit centers of the two main flowers. I don't think this piece would be as interesting if the centers were both lit or unlit. Light is a funny thing. I love it when it works in my favor.


Erin said...


Allanna said...

I thought you'd get a kick out of the fact that I turned the page on my calendar ... and what did I see?

A field of California poppies.
And it made me laugh, since you and I were quoting that line. :P

Then, on CuteOverload, I saw a picture of two small dogs dressed as flying monkeys. Ha!

And, yes, the play of light and shadow is most excellent.

Sunny said...

I'm willing spring to start again too. I just may pick up crayons and paper to join in the cause! :) As always just beautiful. These seem more washy than some other florals you've done. It seems like working on your landscapes might have influenced your strokes a bit. Am I way off?

Anonymous said...

I've noticed some pieces missing (or not listed?) from the Xanadu site. Are people buying??? If it helps I imagine you sell everything you put a brush to! :)
Continued success. . .

Cristall said...

Anonymous, yes, some pieces are missing from the Xanadu site because they are represented by other galleries. If there is a piece in particular you are looking for, check my website www.cristallharper.com and in the "portfolio" section, each painting is labeled with the gallery at which it can be found. Thanks - great question!