Aug 20, 2008

Valentine's Barn

14" x 14", oils
This painting's title comes from a weekend my husband and I took to Southern Utah last Valentine's Day. Yes, I even have my camera handy on romatic getaways. Sad. My husband and I both really liked this barn; a combination of the light, snowtracks, and the pointy thing on top (whatever it's called...).

I did this painting in one sitting - the paint was all wet. The hardest part of this painting was getting the blues to grade evenly behind the tree limbs. This is one I wish I didn't sell, but still had. 


Sunny said...

Love the colors in this. You wouldn't think that a winter scene would but it's beautiful! And I think it's good to have a camera handy even and especially on romantic helps you to remember it. Romantic getaways are good to remember, especially when you don't get them very much. :)

Allanna said...

I like the ... steeple-thing ... too.

If it weren't a barn, I'd almost think it'd be a church.

Maybe the cows contemplate as they ruminate? ^_^

ArringtonZoo said...

Love this one.