Jan 21, 2008


5 1/2" x 5 3/4", oils


This is the latest of my portrait commissions.  I start with a brush that's 1/4" wide and finish with a brush that is literally a millimeter wide. If I have painted a shadow in the wrong place, even if it's off by only a millimeter, the face is all wrong and doesn't match the subject. No kidding.

This is my work area.


Sunny said...

I'm curious, What do you listen to when you paint? Does it depend on the subject?It would be interesting to have a playlist for each painting:) Shelby was talking about an excercise she did in school when they just listened to one type of music (or maybe it was one song the entire time they painted. Have you done that before?

Cristall Harper said...

I have 1,700 songs on shuffle - that's what I listen to! Sometimes, I'll be in the mood for a specific sound, like upbeat Latin or wordless soundtracks. I love "The Lord Of The Rings" soundtracks by Howard Shore. I have everything on my iPod from Frank Sinatra to U2 to Ani DiFranco. It's quite the mix.