Nov 14, 2007


38" x 32" oils
I went to Carthage a few years ago and snapped a photo, then a year later started this painting. You can see in the above photographs the process. Every brick was carefully drawn to size, including the cracks, and it shows in the final painting. I started this painting in one state, moved to a new state, and finished it there. That was interesting. The first thing I painted was the well's dark side, and the last things I painted were the little reflective leaves at the top.


Allanna said...

I'm such a geek. As I looked at the first two pictures, I was all, "That looks like their old apartment ... Is it??"

And I'm right.

It's a beautiful painting.

And the pictures make me really miss chatting with you in your kitchen. And watching movies with you. And just being with you. Because you're amazing and awesome.

I can't wait until I see this one in the Ensign. And I'm SO gonna brag to everyone when it's in there.

Stacy B. said...

As with all of your paintings, it is absolutely awesome!! I truly hope it makes it into the Ensign, I would love to see it there!