Sep 27, 2011


16 x 20" oils

I love the golds and the overhead light in this piece.I am happy with the way the petals feel, like you could reach out and touch the lit edges.

a detail

Sep 21, 2011

Taking the Stage

20 x 30"

I named this piece Taking the Stage because the tulips look like they are all crowding forward for a curtain call, the spotlight hitting some but missing others. I have so much fun personifying tulips through my artwork and titles.

I spent the longest on the bright yellow-orange tulip in the foreground, probably an hour and a half. It was a challenge to portray the reflective and transparent light. I love the zoomed in cropping and the peekaboo of the bottom red tulip's center.

Sep 13, 2011

June Brides

34 x 34"

Today I finally finished this painting. It was a lot of hard work and concentration and a lot of color mixing. As you can see below, I used 4 palettes to hold all of my paint. I named it June Brides because the blossoms are standing figures in warm colors, reminding me of a beautiful bride posing in the summertime for her picture. For prints, e-mail me at

This painting was part of the Logan Fine Art juried salon in October 2011 and it will be for sale at my show November 2nd.

Sep 8, 2011

June Brides: part I

34 x 34"
oil - in progress

I began this piece today; it is the first of 8 to hit the easel that I have planned out for future shows by year's end.  I am tired just thinking about finishing it. It took me all day to do just this. I haven't arrived at that magic moment of the painting where it flies out of my brush. I am concentrating a great deal on just where I am in the leaves/stems that I can't yet see color. Paintings of this size and subject are started like a hard jigsaw puzzle: one piece at a time. But you just wait until it's done - I can see it and it's a beaut!

Sep 1, 2011


8 x 8"
just sold

My favorite thing about this little painting is the color harmony between the pinks, greens and that neutral background with just enough warmth in it to tie it all together. After painting with yellows (Custard), it's nice to get out the deep red pigments seen mixed in here on Sweets.
These are tulips I photographed at the local Thanksgiving Point Gardens - it's only 7 months until their next tulip festival, not that I'm counting...

a detail